Pathology Services, Inc., A Surgical Pathology and Cytology Laboratory

Surgical Laboratory

Pathology Services, Inc., provides Surgical Pathology laboratory services
which involves the evaluation of solid tissues, to diagnose diseases.

Our Pathology Lab provides these services with appropriate Tumor Markers and Receptor analysis and consultation in the following areas.


  1. Breast Pathology

  2. Prostate Pathology

  3. Estrogen Receptor

  4. Progesterone Receptor

  5. HER2/neu

  6. Dermatopathology

  7. Immunofluorescence

  8. Gastrointestinal  Pathology

  9. Gynecologic Pathology

  10. Hematopathology

  11. Aspiration Smears

  12. Bone Marrow

  13. Lymph Node

  14. Immunophenotyping

  15. Autopsy

  16. Uropathology

What we offer

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